Ultimate Guide to designing your Winter Wonderland!

Ultimate Guide to designing your Winter Wonderland!

by bellezacasa-in Admin on Apr 20, 2022

Dust that little black book of ideas and let your interior design maestro transform your home.

As mundanes on the Northern Hemisphere, we’re blessed with the searing heat most of the yearly season. The frosty winter ushers a breath of fresh air to our parched lives and advances a refreshing hand to our blistering homes.

Bringing right to your doorstep, a comprehensive list of some beautiful décor ideas to jazz up a rustic corner, to let your creative guru take centre stage while you paint the canvas of your house to hues of orange to kaleidoscope teals and everything in between. Transform your home into a winter haven, creating an atmosphere that is serene and sophisticated, dramatically stunning. So go grab your sizzling cuppa of coffee and let your inner maestro speak:

1. Make an Elegant Winter Centrepiece:

When it's so cold outside that your fingers and toes freeze even inside their mittens and warm socks, you'll be reminded of why you typically spend most of the season indoors. There are plenty of pretty, wintry centrepiece ideas to keep your spirits bright and cheery throughout the colder months, and you might not even have to leave your house. Create one-of-a-kind centrepieces using fresh flowers placed in vintage vessels, like old coffee or syrup tins, wondering where to find these.. head over to Dastakaari Studio space to breathe in the diverse range and find your perfect match!

2. Add Easy Winter Details:

Let the little comforts of your home keep your spirit up. This year, make the winter season the coziest ever by adding easy winter details, including rustic design touches and winter floral centrepieces. Prevent any room from feeling dreary during dark winter days with bright, bold patterns. If you have any colourful plates or cookware, go ahead and display them at their finest.

3. Add Touches of Greenery Indoors:

A cheery houseplant might be just the companion you need for your winter rejuvenation. Whether your style is neon-lights-bright or understated splashes of pastel, there are plants available in all shapes and sizes to brighten up your winter. If you like to keep things simple but still want to add some winter flair to a room, you can't go wrong with some vibrant houseplants! Shh..a little secret.. Dastakaari got a pretty cool collection too, stalk us to find out xD

4. Decorate the Fireplace Mantel:

Whether you're feeling crafty, have an urge to hit the thrift stores, or prefer a more subdued setup, you'll be able to perfect your winter mantel display in no time. Make it the star of your winter design scheme. Jazz up your mantel with candles, a garland of faux snowballs, a bit of winter greenery, or some artwork.

Are you thrilled to embrace these winter decor ideas in your home or thinking of lending a comforting vibe to your home?

Dastakaari Studio is here to help you! If you’re stuck wondering where to start when decorating your house or just looking for some good ol’ fashion inspiration. Head to our website to get inspired and follow our blog to learn more 😊 See you later, Alligator! Ever wonder what to say in response to that? Read our next blog to find out