“It starts with a Dream”

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and comfortable home, where people from time to time bring in new elements in small nooks and corners for bringing in a fresh look.

This was the dream of Preeti Suri, Founder of the brand. The dream wasn’t just about decorating and making her home beautiful, rather it was making everyone’s dream of having an alluring and cosy home come true. The thought of converting her dream into a full-time business pleased her.

And, there came up her first home decor and lifestyle store in 2016 called Dastakaari Studio, in the swanky by-lanes of Shahpurjat, a designer hub in South Delhi.

The brand has a huge eclectic curation of products ranging from elegant to quirky decor, trendy clocks, handmade jute rugs and cushions, ceramic tableware, modern barware, concept furniture, vintage typewriters and radios to cutsie’ stuff to pamper the little ones too.

Each product is carefully selected with a lot of attention to detailing, design, and quality to give everyone a hassle-free shopping experience, each time.

The whole range is voguish and urbane in nature and the fusion of different global cultures, giving your home an aesthetically designed look, which you desire.

Shop Collection

Values of company

Warm:When you look at our delicate range of products, we do our best to provide you with the nostalgic feel of your warm childhood home. Our décor items not only style your home but also bring in positive vibes.

Artisan:We stay connected with the latest styles and trends prevailing in the market while designing our product. Our specialised artisans handcraft each product, adding a signature touch of their own.

Exquisite:We provide you with a sophisticated range of products, which are sure to make your home stand out. Our décor products emanate luxuriousness.

Innovative:While designing the product, we strive to use the combination of innovation and exquisiteness. We make sure that the functional ability of the product isn’t affected due to design beautification. Rather make it go hand in hand, and assure you, its endurance.


We are committed to provide our clients with the best service so we can fulfil your wishes of achieving the perfect dream home. The home décor items are elegant and radiate exclusivity. They are devised to be unique, just like your dream homes are. The products are of the highest quality and try to encapsulate the very essence of the values of our company. Thus, each piece of décor is crafted with keeping the values in mind.