Your Personalized Roadmap for a cosy snug abode!

Your Personalized Roadmap for a cosy snug abode!

by bellezacasa-in Admin on Apr 13, 2022

Specially curated ideas to make your space feel more “homey” and incorporating that zest in your decor!

In the midst of concrete jungles (a.k.a our commercial cities) that boast spectacular skyscrapers, interiors and furniture it feels like a tough row to hoe to design an abode that feels like an ocean in itself. Your small oasis of heaven, away from reality! Here’s a couple of tips to get you cracking to fabricate your own nirvana right at your doorstep.

A cosy snug home is the sanctuary, your very own paradise from the stresses of the outside world! A space to hibernate in style, oomph up your decor to make your home feel more inviting. Still surprised, how? Worry not! Presenting you a bunch of ideas to spark off that inner designer in you :)

1. Incorporate The Warm Toasty Vibe

You can banish the gloomy weather by incorporating warm, soft lightning in your home. For a homier vibe, choose a mix of light-diffusing shaded lamps placed at varying levels (table and floor) and task-specific lamps for your desk or favourite reading nook. Instead of using a single intense light source, scatter multiple low-wattage fixtures around the room to produce a softer light.

2. Cotton Up Your Dining Space

Much like the kitchen, the dining room is the heart of the home. A slew of inexpensive design projects you can tackle over a weekend or in a matter of minutes to take your dining area to the next level. Go for a combination of rich candlesticks and lush greenery for a sophisticated room look. Add personality to the space with a gallery wall. A deep teal takes this cosy dining nook to the next level, especially when it's echoed in plush cushions and cute tableware.
3. Rearrange Your Furniture for A Snug Feel

It's a question anyone who owns furniture is forced to confront: What is the best way to arrange it? We’re here to help you with just that! Primarily, never underestimate the power of a focal point in a room. You’ll want to arrange furniture around it as much as possible. Give pieces a little breathing room by allowing a few inches between the backs of furniture pieces and the walls. Balance is always important in decorating, and never more so than when arranging furniture.

4. Find “your place” right in your home

Create a sanctuary for yourself just yet, a place that’s carved out just for your personal time, where you can sit unbothered and feel at peace. Whether you are at home in a reading nook filled with to-be-read novels, or a corner in the kitchen where you love to make your morning coffee and bathe in the sun. “What makes me feel calm? What environment do I feel most at peace in?” Ask these questions and start work on that “you” corner!

Cosy isn't a style but a feeling, the homey ambiance of a room that makes us want to curl up, relax and cocoon ourselves from the world. Give these ideas a shot in the dark and let us know! When it comes to adding some extra-cosy touches, it’s all about embracing the Danish concept of hygge, a word used to describe a feeling of warmth, cosiness, and comfort. So, there you go, yet another entry and hey, promised you the reply of see you later, alligator, “After a while, crocodile!”. Have a good one guys <3